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jacqueline kankam-hoppe concept hair learner of the month january

INTERVIEW: January’s Learner of the Month

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We had a chat with Jacqueline Kankam-Hoppe, Concept Hair’s newest Learner of the Month!

The Concept Hair Hairdressing & Barbering Learner of the Month award celebrates students and apprentices who are passionate about the future of the hairdressing & barbering industry, going above and beyond in their apprenticeships to set the standards of the industry.

Concept Hair has launched the award to recognise the efforts that students and apprentices have put into learning the trade.

Jacqueline, 19, from Karine Jackson, was chosen as Learner of the Month by our judge Let Lew after a week of voting and testimonials on Instagram and Facebook.

Let said: “I love her passion for the industry and knowing where she wants to concentrate on – it’s very important in becoming a great hairdresser.”

The award was sponsored by V76, who sent Jacqueline a £100 bundle.

Our runners-up were Jacqueline McDonagh from Taylor’s Hair Studio, Skegness, and Destiny Linwood from Bloggs Salons, Bristol.

Jacqueline’s boss, Karine Jackson said: “I believe Jacqueline deserves to win this award because within the six months she has been with us, she has shown consistent passion and willingness to learn.

“She ensures she is on time and has a friendly attitude towards all clients. When setting Jacqueline a task she will create beautiful mood boards displaying innovative ideas, and I believe she will go far in her career.”

jacqueline kankam-hoppe concept hair learner of the month january

Concept Hair: Congratulations Jacqueline! How does it feel to be the Concept Hair Learner of the Month?

Jacqueline Kankam-Hoppe: Winning the award is amazing! I got a notification in the afternoon saying ‘congrats’ and when I pressed it the notification disappeared. I thought that my eyes were deceiving me. In the evening I got another notification saying congratulations but this time I managed to click it. My parents were extremely happy when I told them!

CH: How long have you been in the hair industry?

JKH: I have been in the industry as an apprentice in hairdressing since November 2018.

CH: Have you always worked at Karine Jackson?

JKH: I started at Karine Jackson in October 2019 as I felt that I was not progressing and happy at my old workplace. Working at Karine Jackson has definitely opened a lot of doors for me. As well as training at Karine Jackson, I go to college (Central Training Group) once a week.

jacqueline kankam-hoppe concept hair learner of the month january

CH: What made you want to get into the industry?

JKH: I have always had a passion for the creative side of things. I have a passion for fashion and also hairdressing and being able to polish my skills within hairdressing means that I can combine both things that I love and hopefully do great things in the future.

CH: What do you love most about it?

JKH: Bold colours such as bright oranges and bright yellows. I also love sharp, precise haircuts – it fascinates me seeing individuals who make statements with their hair.

CH: What is your day-to-day role?

JKH: Looking after clients to make them comfortable, getting to interact with clients, assisting senior staff members and just generally helping around so that the salon runs smoothly.

jacqueline kankam-hoppe concept hair learner of the month january

CH: What would you like to achieve in your career?

JKH: I would like to help get rid of the stigma that comes with hairdressing and the stereotypes. For example at school students making jokes like ‘you became a hairdresser if you do not have good grades.’ I also would love to see a rise in high-end Afro-Caribbean salons!

CH: What inspires you the most?

JKH: My team at Karine Jackson really inspire as they always push me to be my best. The Art Team also inspires me as that is the area that I want to focus on in the future and seeing all that they have achieved together, like awards, really push me to do well.

CH: What’s your favourite style at the moment?

JKH: Classic short bobs with a short blunt fringe – even better if they have a creative colour!

jacqueline kankam-hoppe concept hair learner of the month january

CH: What about your favourite social media platform?

JKH: Instagram – right now my favourite accounts are Hairdressers Journal and the Fellowship, as I am always inspired by the work of those in the industry. Concept Hair is one of my favourites as it is a great platform for apprentices to showcase their talent.

CH: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given in your apprenticeship?

JKH: When you are looking for a company/business to work with, really research them inside out and see if they provide proper training and if you can progress.

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