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Pulp Riot Hair Colour: Douglas Reid’s top tips

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Douglas Reid was handpicked by Pulp Riot to attend the second UK LAB at Skyler Salon in London. Here, he talks us through the look he created and shares his top tips.


Pulp Riot is the the first vibrant hair colour that is also vegan, gluten-free and cruelty-free! Pulp Riot contains quinoa to help protect, strengthen, repair and moisturise the hair.  It does not contain ammonia, PPD, MEA or parabens.


Pulp Riot is easier to apply because of its consistency, it’s more vibrant, it lasts longer, and it fades better. What I love most about Pulp Riot is that the colours don’t run into each other, which means you can lie each colour on top of one another without the colour transferring.



Pre-lighten the hair to a clean level 10; This is the perfect canvas to work with when using vivid or pastel shades. I always stick with the phrase ‘ low and slow ‘ and use a bond builder. This ensures the condition maintains the best it possibly can.




After lightening, dry the hair off. Pulp Riot can be used on wet hair however my personal preference is to use it on dry. Take a horseshoe section from either side of the recession line to below the crown. Then, starting from the crown, take diagonal sections to the back of the ear.



I custom mixed my Pulp Riot colours, which are perfect because all colours can be mixed to really create a tailored colour for your client.




Starting from the nape and taking diagonal back sections, I applied the root using equal parts Powder and Mercury. It’s important to keep your sections clean and work from the bottom to the top.



Once the roots were applied, again starting from the bottom to the top, I alternated blending two other colours with the blue. Using contrasting colours will make the colours pop against the blue. Below are my formulas for each colour applied.


  • PINK – Blush and Cupid
  • ORANGE – Cupid and Lemon
  • YELLOW – Lemon
  • GREEN – Powder and Lemon
  • PURPLE – Jam and Lilac


Top Tip: When blending the colours together, to ensure every piece of hair is covered overlap each colour slightly and use your finger and thumb to blend, to help you create that perfect blend.



Once the back is completely applied then move onto the sides, repeating the same application method. No foil or mesh is required to separate each section as the colours don’t transfer.




Using your blue formula, you can now start applying to your horseshoe section and apply to the roots and straight through to the ends. Allow the whole thing to develop for 30-45mins.



Once developed, rinse the hair with cold water as this will keep your colour lasting much longer and closes the cuticle. The amazing thing with Pulp Riot is the colours do not run and don’t need to be shampooed.



Dry the hair and style it how you want to. For this look I used ghd medium styler and loosely curled the hair with the irons always pointing down to give a loose tousled look.




Always remember to take pictures of your work for social media.


Top tips: Always clean your camera lens, use a ring light to get the best lighting, always remove your client’s gown, take several pictures so you can choose the best one.

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