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pulp riot uk squad

Meet the Pulp Riot UK squad

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The first UK squad members and educators have been selected by Pulp Riot founders David and Alexis Thurston.

The Pulp Riot Squad is the heartbeat of the Pulp Riot brand, which burst onto the scene in 2016, and is a group of developers, content creators, educators and all-round groupies – who are now over 100-strong – of the world’s top hairdressing artists. They spread the message of creative artistry, authentically inspiring hairstylists across the globe through online, live and streaming education daily as well as Pulp Riot TV.

Pulp Riot arrived in the UK in May after taking the US and the world by storm. After a series of product seeding, events and the first-ever Pulp Riot lab at Cahoona’s Hair Hub in Peckham, the first UK squad has been chosen.

pulp riot uk squad

The Pulp Riot UK Squad Members

  • Heather Mackenzie, – Educator
  • Tegan Robertson, @peachsodaa – Educator
  • Jessie McAllister, @theantisocialhairdresser – Educator
  • Jen P-Turnbull, @jpturnbull – Educator
  • Lexie Shay Rabbett, @hair_by_lexieshay – Educator
  • Christabel Legrand, @christabel_legrand
  • Tom Badger, @tombadgerhair
  • Kylee Marie, @kyleemariehair
  • Loretta Marie, @lorettamarie_hair
  • Gemma Amura, @gemmaamura
  • Laura May Stevens, @lauramaystevenshair
  • Verity Waite, @verityofthevanitybox
  • Hannah Button, @hlbutton

Pulp Riot squad members will be given the tools and the platform to be the new stars of the industry. They are provided with coaching, education training, mentoring and support from some of the most successful social artists in the world – a money-can’t-buy backstage pass to the industry.

Pulp Riot creates regular opportunities for the squad members to shine, whether it be featuring them at major hairdressing events, supporting them to enter awards and competitions, giving them opportunities to run education and build their own education careers.

They are also the first to get all new Pulp Riot products and regularly receive exclusive Pulp Riot gifts and merch.

Squad member and educator Tegan Robertson said: “My life has been an absolute whirlwind since I started working with Pulp Riot. I can’t even begin to explain how unbelievable it’s been working with these guys. My lifelong dream has been to educate and travel. In just a short few months they’ve trained me and given me all the opportunities to fulfil my dreams. They’re one of the biggest brands in the entire world but I feel as if they’ve really personally taken me under their wing and given me everything I need to succeed and I know they treat everyone who works for them like this.

“It’s really special to work for such a huge brand who really care for people. Watch this space!”

Lexie Shay Rabbett, who is also an educator, added: “I’m beyond excited to be a part of The Riot Squad! The opportunities that this has given me has completely thrown me out of my comfort zone and really allowed me, as an artist, express why I love what we do to others and show them that they can too. I never in a million years thought I’d be where I am today! So grateful!”

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