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WATCH: Five ways to improve your client consultations

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Wella Professionals Craft Expert Jordanna Cobella shares her top five tips for delivering great client consultations.

#1 Get to know your client


Spend time asking them about what they do, have a look at what they’re wearing, what makeup they have on, what their hair is like now and then go in with questions: What do you love and what do you not love about your hair?


This will help decide what they’ve had before, how adventurous they are, what kind of change they looking for, and what you can do for them. There is a huge amount of psychology that goes into a consultation – don’t forget about non-verbal communication, be really open and make it a collaboration, not just advice from you.


#2 Create a moodboard


It’s really going to help your clients visualise what kind of colour they’re after. Include lifestyle images, fashion, interior design and food in the moodboard so it’s not just restricted to hair pictures. It has to be a joint decision between you and your client. You can use swatches from paint shops or colour houses. Get excited about their colour journey! If it’s something that going to take a little while, at least you can build it into their consultation now and get them excited for the journey ahead.


#3 Make the service bespoke


Talk colour using food examples. It gets everyone excited and is a really good accurate way to talk about tones and palettes. When talking about placement this is your opportunity to shine as a hairdresser and show the craftsmanship and artistry of colouring. Don’t pigeonhole them into a service that already exists, make it as bespoke as possible as this is your true chance of creating client loyalty in the future.


#4 Maintenance


Make sure you discuss any maintenance, or hair homework that your client has to do to upkeep this colour. Sharing this responsibility is going to help in the journey both for your client and you.


#5 Don’t forget the finish!


Matte, gloss, sheer or full saturation – this is really going to help on the product choice for you. Lastly get really excited about the journey and share this excitement with your client. At this point she should be feeling super relaxed- if she’s not, read between the lines and go back to Step 1.

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