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Providing clients with the best possible experience

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The Maletti Eden Plus Wash Unit promotes wellbeing and helps salons to provide clients with the best experience.

Maletti is synonymous with superior quality in hairdressing salon furniture and manufacture luxury, professional furniture not only for hair salons, but also for beauty salons, spas and barbershops, with products including styling chairs, barber’s chairs, stools, wash units, styling units, barber stations, trolleys and manicure tables to name a few.

Maletti was founded by Guerrino Maletti in 1936 and has become a major force in the hair, beauty and spa furnishing sector, providing innovative interiors solutions to salons and luxury hotels and resorts globally, ensuring that Maletti as a manufacturer is a reference point for the global hairdressing and hospitality industries.

MALETTI EDEN PLUS WASH UNITMaletti ensures furniture is comfortable for the client, innovative and has a great design. This year they decided to launch an incredibly innovative piece of furniture, unlike no other – the Steam Eden Plus.

Maletti is renowned for its Wash Units. This Single Wash Unit allows the hair salon to also be considered a real wellness centre, in which clients can come to relax and treat their hair and scalp to specific treatments that will improve their health wellness.

A hair salon’s main aim is to provide their clients with the ultimate experience to ensure they come back to the salon and gain a great reputation that will result in loyal clients and new clients.

The new Maletti Eden Plus Wash Unit can help with this, and is the frontier of wellbeing, ensuring clients are comfortable, happy and healthy whilst in the unit and have the best, most relaxing and truly pampered experience at the salon that they won’t get anywhere else.

The Eden Plus Wash Unit offers a hot steam sauna, with the hair and scalp enjoying all the benefits of the hot steam while the customer enjoys a relaxing experience thanks to the reclining massage chair and RGB LED lights with yellow, orange, red, purple, green and blue colours.

Clients’ hair can also be rinsed with atomised cold water, which penetrates deep into the hair shaft, sealing the hair cuticle, hydrating the hair and encouraging hairstyles to hold. The hot steam treatment can be carried out with or without the addition of specific hair treatments, such as a hair mask selected depending on a customer’s needs.

The effect of the various active ingredients and their penetration into the hair and scalp is encouraged and boosted thanks to both the massage and hot steam.

The unit also includes a mechanic basin, providing neck support to clients, ensuring their neck is supported at all times during their stay in the wash unit and that they won’t be in any pain or discomfort and their health will not be jeopardised in any way.

MALETTI EDEN PLUS WASH UNITProfessor Bianca Maria Piraccini, Dermatology Department of Experimental and Diagnostic Medicine of the University of Bologna, said:  “I’m delighted to be in collaboration with Maletti Group on the Eden Plus project.

“It always means a lot when the aesthetic industry meets science, because it starts working in a holistic way and fuses the search for beauty in pursuit of health.

“With Eden Plus, the moment of washing hair can become a moment of taking care of hair growth and scalp health. A moment of true well-being for the client, with greater attention and knowledge of the opportunities that the hair care market has to offer.”


  1. Relaxation – although not the primary goal of the Eden Plus treatment, this is not to be underestimated. The customer enjoys the treatment in a very comfortable position, lying back on the reclining chair that also provides a continual back massage.
  2. Hot Steam – the Eden Plus system treats the hair and scalp with hot steam, which allows for deep cleansing and the removal of smog, toxins and sebum, and improves the health of hair, stimulating growth thanks to the beneficial effect it has on the microcirculation system. Not only does the steam effectively cleanse the hair, but it also offers hydration and has fantastic effects for the scalp. The steam opens the pores of the skin, allowing sebum to exit, as well as any trapped liquids and toxins. This acts as a ‘detox treatment’ for the hair and scalp. For those with dandruff, it also works as an anti-dandruff treatment, as the steam melts dandruff flakes, working as an exfoliating treatment and allowing for their easy removal, as well as immediate reduction in inflammation and itching. As the steam, combined with massage, increases circulation in the scalp, this also allows for the production of thicker and healthier hair and more durable growth. The steam also relaxes and loosens the muscles in the head, and with the massage these effects are boosted, effectively reducing irritation and pain typically associated with trichodynia – a condition where a person experiences a painful sensation on their scalp.
  3. Atomised Cold Water – the Eden Plus cleansing allows the sauna to be followed by the exposure of the hair to atomised cold water, with the spraying of very small droplets. This seals the hair cuticle and also allows the hair to better absorb any hydrating treatment, from conditioner to a mask or nourishing oils. Due to this, the hair retains a good level of humidity, preventing any dryness or frizz and appearing shiny.

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