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Photographer Tony Le Britton’s favourite recent looks

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We asked award-winning photographer Tony Le Britton to talk us through four of his favourite recent looks. He tells us how they were created and what he likes about them.


1 ‘High energy and fun’


This shot was for the Crazy Color Campaign featuring their new colour pigments. The shoot was very high energy and fun with sing-along music, a trampoline and lots of dancing all day.

It was so fun that the models asked to stay even when they had finished working. Energy is so important on a shoot, not necessarily always such high energy but creating the right energy and mood on the day will allow the team and models to be fully immersed and translate that into the images.

The model was moving around posing, we had wind on her hair and our stylist throwing the dress to mirror the angle of the hair.


2 ‘Truly fashion inspired hair’


This shot was photographed for Phillippa Lee and Hope Hassell’s British Hairdressing Awards collection.

This model blew me away and just got the mood of the shoot exactly. She was moving so beautifully that I continued shooting her after I knew we had the shot. The hair was a simple but beautifully executed cool blonde bob and the hair team added a stencilled feature to the bottom section of the hair – taking something relatively simple and elevating it to true fashion inspired hair. The stencil used reflects the lace in the styling, timing the whole image together.


3 ‘Love the simplicity’


I love the simplicity of this image. A simple icy cool bob elevated with my signature hair movement.

The campaign was shot for BBLONDE Blonding range for Boots and Superdrug. Sometimes stripping back to a simple two-colour palette of blue and white just allows the beauty of the model and the hair she has to shine through and become the focus of the shot without doing anything too complicated.


4 ‘The perfect fade’


This shot is from Jim Shaw and Daisy Carter’s British and International Hairdressing Awards collection. I have worked with Jim for over a decade and we just get each other.

For several years we have searched for a model to create the perfect fade. We needed a model with fine hair but very high density. One day we decided to go street casting and I spotted a young boy in Top Man. As soon as I saw him I knew exactly what the final shot would look like and we convinced him to come along to the shoot the next day.

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