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National Apprenticeship Week: The benefits of apprenticeships

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We caught up with the academy director and an apprentice from Rainbow Room International as part of National Apprenticeship Week, to find out why apprenticeships are so important.

Amy Carmichael, apprentice from Rainbow Room International’s Bearsden Salo

national apprenticeship week rainbow room international

“I always liked doing hair and preferred hands-on learning, so an apprenticeship in hairdressing was my best option.

“Everything about my apprenticeship is positive, from my attitude to my team’s support.

“All of the stylists in the salon have a positive mindset, which is very inspirational.

“I make the most of my apprenticeship by training as much as possible and watching over the stylists to see what skills I can pick up from them.

“From starting my apprenticeship, I have progressed so much as a person and also as a hairdresser.

“I am so much more confident and my skills are a lot more professional.

“Apprenticeships are great, as you don’t just get your qualification out of an apprenticeship; you gain so many life skills as well.”

Leigh Kerr, Academy Director

national apprenticeship week rainbow room international

“At Rainbow Room International we employ apprentices as part of our strategy for continual growth.

“It is our policy to grow our own stylists, through the highest quality training and development programmes available.

“They are also crucial for our business to enable the stylists to deliver the best service and also to aid with the high volume of colour services. All of our stylists need to be perfectionists in every way.

“Apprentices are hugely important for continued growth of the business and to shout about the Rainbow Room International brand.

“Apprenticeships are beneficial for everyone involved.

“The apprentice acts as an assistant to the hairdresser, which enables the salon/stylist to accommodate more clients.

“The apprentice benefits from real hands-on experience in hairdressing and dealing with the public.

“Clients benefit from both the stylist and apprentice working together as a team to ensure the smooth running of the client’s visit.

“Our Academy benefits as a training organisation and helps to ensure both numbers and quality of trainees.”

Image: Team members from Rainbow Room International’s twelve hair and beauty salons

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