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My Hairdressing Career — Sheree Thompson

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With a hairdressing career spanning over 25 years, Sheree Thompson is known for her passion and commitment both to the craft of hairdressing and education.


Beginning her hairdressing journey at the age of just 15, Sheree had no idea of the opportunities that would become available to her. She chatted to us about the different paths a career in hairdressing can offer.


What did you think about the industry when you first joined?

When I began my career in hairdressing, I had absolutely no idea what this journey had in store for me. I was so excited to get involved and absolutely loved the atmosphere within the salon. But I didn’t realise how many different paths you could take as a hairdresser.


You became a salon owner early on, was this always a dream of yours?

Absolutely. This was the first route I wanted to take. I always knew I wanted to own my own salon. However, it was a learning curve too. Becoming a business owner is a whole new challenge as there is so much to learn, but for me, I just asked as many questions as I could to fellow salon owners and friends. I am still learning every day.


Next you became an Educator. Tell us about that.

Education is the foundation of our industry and without it we would not have the fast paced, creative skills that keep hairdressing evolving. I enjoyed working with my team and mentoring them throughout their careers and eventually the passion for education was so apparent that I knew I wanted to embrace this and help others. I am such a people person, so sharing my skills and experiences to help the younger generation pulled me in!


With the pandemic cancelling a lot of education, I took my course online and have had great success. It’s hard work but I absolutely love creating courses and content.


You are also a bridal specialist, is that right?

Yes – another string to my bow! I absolutely love bridal hair.  It is something I have been so connected to and passionate about from day one. Bridal hair is something that never goes out of mind and, let’s be honest, everyone wants the most stunning hair on their wedding day don’t they? There is perception that bridal hair is very difficult, but if you are taught correctly it is very easy.


How do you manage all these different career paths?

Truthfully, by being super organised. Managing a salon, an education platform, bridal work and everything else is very hard work and I never stop but I love what I do and wouldn’t change it for the world. I always plan ahead as far in advance as possible to make things easier and I have a fantastic team who really support me.


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