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Muse of London unveils autumn/winter 2019 colour collection

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Muse of London has unveiled its autumn/winter 2019 hair colour menu – Spice Rack.


This season, it’s all about warm blondes, rich chocolates, inky blacks and red and copper tones. These are shades that instantly brighten up your complexion and give your hair a glossy shine.


For its new campaign, Muse of London takes inspiration from the kitchen pantry and some of our favourite spices including Tumeric, Chilli and Paprika. When used in cooking, these spices instantly add flavour – and Muse of London want to use the same effect on hair. These spicy hair colours instantly update clients’ looks and give them something new and on-trend for the season.





Service – Golden Balayage

Brighten your autumn/winter nights with a gorgeous warm blonde hue! This hair colour is perfect for blondes who want to tone down their lighter blonde locks for the season and opt for something a bit less high maintenance that will instantly brighten up their complexion.



Service – Full Head Tint

As we come into the colder months our hair gets darker and is there anything better than an inky black hue? This hair colour definitely stands out and is a winner for those who love their hair to have a mega shine!





Service – Highlights + balayage and a toner

Ice white and silver shades are always popular in the cooler months – because who doesn’t want to resemble an ice queen? This hair colour is perfect for those who want to update their blonde and give it a fresh look for the season. Team with an Olaplex for ice-like shine and strength!



Service – Balayage or Multi Tonal Highlights

For brunettes, this hair colour is the perfect way to update your look for AW19, providing the hair with warmth, dimension and depth that blends out seamlessly and has a natural finish. For those who want a more stand-out look, multi-tonal highlights are also perfect for creating this hue, adding different tones throughout the hair to provide contrast, as well as mega shine.





Service – Full Head Tint or Prelighten and Toner depending on client’s natural hair colour and how vibrant the client would like to go.

Not for the fainthearted, this hairstyle is a statement hue! This colour can be applied to dark hair bases for a gorgeous red tint or the hair can be prelightened and coloured for a more bold, vibrant hue.



Service – Full head tint

Copper is the colour of the season and suits all skin tones! Adding these copper tones will instantly brighten your complexion and give your hair a gorgeous shine with mega depth and dimension.

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