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Making your bookings easier with Nearcut

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Nearcut is booking software which is exclusive to barbershops, designed to make your life easier.

Established in 2012, the software was developed for founder and barber Matthew Harrison by Oxford University Computer Science student and co-founder, William Bell.

Matthew was struggling to get his business off the ground. William was a client of his and they got into conversation about it whilst having a haircut.

William then built a system that would allow his customers to book online 24/7, and Matthew’s business very quickly flourished.

A few of Matthew’s industry colleagues saw what he was doing and wanted to do the same. Up until 2016 there were only around a dozen users, as William was studying and Matthew now had a busy barbershop to run.

William’s friend Sam Bennett then came in to get it to the market and there are now around 500 shops using the system – some as far as Macau, China.

With personalised websites and apps, Nearcut is a major booking system in the UK, supported by some of the industry’s biggest names.

With handy tools like Cancellation Watch and a Smart Marketing feature, Nearcut is the go-to to help run a busy barbershop, showing you exactly how your business is performing and helping increase your profits along the way.

Sam Bennett said: “The best advice to anyone opening up their own shop, or going to work in an established shop would be to offer bothwalk-inss and appointments, split the working week with walk-ins on some days and appointments on others.

“Walk-ins are great for building up clientele but are inefficient and queues can get out of hand. Converting these into appointments will help you grow and improve as a business, leaving you with more money and time, and happier customers. ”

With clients including Andis ambassador Kieron Price, American Crew Ambassador Davie Walker, award-winning Jac Ludlow and Mathew Guerin and the market moving quickly towards appointments over the traditional walk-in and wait method, online booking is becoming a standard in the UK and Nearcut is proving to be an excellent investment for the clients we work with.

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