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This year, Alexander Prasser was looking for a title that was far removed from the classic themes of masculinity, but at the same time had many parallels to our craft. The result is the campaign SENSHI and is dedicated to the SAMURAI. They stand for many things that he associates with my work: precision in craftsmanship, the courage to try something new and the pursuit of perfection. Duke Johns´ Barbershop has also used these virtues in the production of the collection and paid very close attention to the details. So it was also particularly important to Alex to have the armor handmade true to the original. It was not easy to find someone who still masters this craft today. Worldwide, there are maybe four companies that still offer that. The silk kimono was also tailored and in our display you will now find a Dōjō. You can imagine that the preparations for the campaign took months. It was really worth it.


Concept and Styling: Alexander Prasser

Photos: Stefan Leitner

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