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HAIR: Mary Alamine, Travis Bandiera, Emma Gottwald, Elie Kashi (Royals Artistic Team)


MAKEUP: Chereine Waddell

STYLING: Angela Liang

The collection, ILLUSION, is a metaphor created to be centred around social media and the way it can, and does, distort reality.

The reflections through these mirrors symbolise how people are living alternate lives; one on social media which exposes their alternate being to the world, and the more incognito life off social media – ‘real life’.

Social media stories and posts are made in hindsight and are linear representations crafted to project an idealized version of a person’s interests and lifestyle – or what they want the world to see.

This influences the person’s behaviour in real life – what they are creating results in merely being content for an audience rather than living in the moment and their ‘real’, authentic life.

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