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fudge professional how to help clients at home

How to keep in touch with clients during lockdown

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Fudge Professional Brand Ambassadors Jonathan Andrew and Tracy Hayes share their tips for helping out clients who may (quite literally) be pulling their hair out!


Jonathan Andrew, Global Brand Ambassador

This is a tricky topic, especially under the current circumstances as it can be very easy as a hairdresser to feel like you are losing out, and your clients are doing different things with their hair at home.


It is a difficult time for you which may be worrying you that you are losing out on business whilst unable to work. However, as the situation stands, we are unable to do our jobs as we remember, and our clients are in the same position we are.


I don’t suggest advising clients on cuts and the dreaded home colour. I avoid these scenarios more out of care for my client’s mental health. I don’t want them to be stuck at home feeling far worse about whatever has gone wrong with their hair. Instead I am putting myself in a position to support and advise in any way I can, whilst maintaining my professional integrity.

fudge professional how to help clients at home
Help your clients avoid a bad hair day!

The key things I am advising clients to do at home varies from person to person. My most commonly asked questions come from blonde clients who have lost tone and are starting to get yellow brassy tones showing back through. I would advise to invest in Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind, which is going to boost the condition of the hair and give a beautiful cool, ashy finish.


For my clients who are complaining about roots and constantly looking at them in the mirror, my key tip is the simplest thing you can suggest to anyone: change your parting. You would be surprised at how
much you can cover up with a zigzag parting. It’s a cool fresh take on something very simple – dividing up a straight-line parting you can disguise and give volume to your hair.


Another of the most frequent messages I receive are from my male clients who are struggling with:

  • Hair being overgrown compared to what they are used to
  • Clients who have cut their hair
  • Or those who have gone and shaved off their hair

I have had to encourage and advise on how to fix these mistakes as best I can and make them look as respectable as possible and feel more at ease. My key advice here is to jump up two to three numbers/grades on what they would be used to in the salon – this will avoid sharp lines or extra short sections and be enough to tide them over.


The other thing I have done is FaceTime some of my clients and talked them through how to trim sideburns and front areas to give a visually cleaner look – to again pacify this stage to avoid hair disasters.


Be there for your clients, advise your clients and support your clients – this is a tough time for everyone and the dedication you show now will be repaid even more when we’re out of the situation.


Tracy Hayes, Global Head of Technical Training

fudge professional how to help clients at home

Keeping in touch with your clients is a fabulous and personal touch to make them feel valued and hopefully keep them from the temptation of colouring their hair at home themselves. If you are able to access the client’s record cards, then you can advise the appropriate shampoo and conditioning products to use at home during the lockdown.


If they are able to send out root concealers, then that will be a perfect opportunity to keep those roots at bay – like Fudge Professional Root Disguiser.


Obviously, for the blondes then I would recommend a violet shampoo and conditioner such as the Fudge Professional Clean Blonde Damage Rewind Shampoo and Conditioner, and for brunettes (without any grey roots) then the Fudge Professional Cool Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner are a perfect go-to remove any warm orange tones.


Also, styling products may vary from their normal products. Are they wearing their hair more natural? Without continuing heat styling, the clients could be advised of styling products which are easier to leave in.

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