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F&M Hairdressing officially a Safe Place

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Safety in the community is something that is extremely important to the team at F&M Hairdressing. The team go out of their way to look out for those in their local area and offer help.


With this in mind, F&M Hairdressing has been certified by Police Scotland as a Safe Place, as part of the I Am Me initiative.


A safe place for vulnerable people


I Am Me was founded in 2013 to raise awareness of disability hate crime and to highlight the various methods for reporting crimes and incidents. However, the charity now offers those who feel vulnerable, scared or lost a chance to receive help.  They simply need to visit one of the ‘safe places’ which are located in their local area.


F&M Hairdressing contacted the charity and after assessment is now listed as a confirmed ‘safe place’ within their local area of Barrhead.


Help when needed


The salon has a ‘Keep Safe’ logo on their windows.  If someone is in need of assistance or help they simply walk into the salon and say ‘Keep Safe.’ A member of the management team, will then escort the individual to a private area and make contact with the relevant authorities. The member of staff will stay with that person until they arrive.


Whatever the issue, the F&M doors are open. Local residents can rest assured that the salon is a secure and safe environment for everyone.

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