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Five ways to promote yourself as a mobile hairdresser

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Hairdressing educator and mentor Belinda Hillman shares her top tips to promote yourself if you’re planning to go mobile.


According to the NHBF, more than half of hairdressers and barbers in the UK last year were self-employed.


Many choose to go freelance due to the flexibility, and there are a few different methods of running your business – either from your own home, at your clients’ homes, or through renting a chair in a salon.


Belinda runs Belinda Mindset training which aims to teach mindset tools and retail skills to promote yourself, along with your services and products. Here are her five tips for succeeding as a mobile hairdresser.


1 Be social

Facebook is the modern way of doing a leaflet drop. Find the most popular group in your area that shares local information and post about your services. Create your own Facebook and Instagram accounts, share your personality. Try and post daily – before and after pictures are popular. Post about the services you enjoy, are confident in and that make you the most money. You will attract more of the services that you promote.


2 You are your biggest asset

I don’t mean cars and designer clothes, keep investing in yourself with training courses. The more you learn, the more confident you become in your work – which makes you more valuable as a hairdresser. For example, start extra training with the colour brand you use. There is also so much online education available now.


3 Join hairdressing groups

This will really help you in your mobile business day-to-day. You need to surround yourself with like-minded hairdressers. You are not alone in the hair industry, there are lots of opportunities to be had. Search Facebook and Instagram for accounts that use the same brands as you and search the brands you use for professional tips and to keep up to date with what’s new. It’s great to use brand images of products on your social media as well. This will make you look professional.


4 Charge what you’re worth

Work out how much it costs per service with the products you use, petrol and your time. Take your time working out your price list. You want to make at least 20% profit on each service. I do think it’s harder to gain respect as a mobile hairdresser as some clients want a lot for cheaper prices. Be confident in your services and prices and stick to them. You don’t have to say yes to everything.


5 Promote yourself in the local community

Network, get involved and make valuable connections with people. At the local community centre, schools, even when shopping and getting the bus, clients are everywhere and everyone you speak to is a connection to potentially grow your clientele. Don’t be shy, shout from the rooftops about who you are and what you do! Carry business cards and hand them out.


Good luck on your journey. Be your own person, set your own standards and go above and beyond. If you genuinely care about your services and your clients you will be successful!


Belinda is a salon owner and Wella colour expert who offers training courses and products on her website. Sets of motivational training cards – her latest product – will be available soon for £14.99, with workshop training available.

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