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Creating Fabulous Wedding Hair with Hairdotcom

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Hairdotcom’s Bridal Educator Elizabeth Rita offers her  top 10 tips for creating fabulous  wedding hair.


  1. Practise, Practise and Practise.


  1. Get to know how to work with different hair types. Knowledge is king. You never know what the bridesmaid’s hair will be like on the morning.


  1. Always hide your bobbie pins within the hair, it never looks good to see them poking out.


  1. Brides love to see an organised artist, they will be reassured and trust you from the get-go if you show them schedules, t&c’s, receipts & your notes from the trial.


  1. Put together a great hair and makeup squad, so it feels like a family and you work as a team, it automatically creates a really fun and relaxed atmosphere for everyone involved.


  1. Remember a wedding morning can sometimes be stressful for some brides or their family so always remain as cool as a cucumber. This starts with the tone of your voice, brides are like horses they spook easily and know when you are nervous, so you must remain calm.


  1. Give yourself enough time. I don’t know where time goes but it disappears at a wedding. You won’t be twiddling your thumbs on these jobs that’s for sure.


  1. Always bring a needle and thread you never know when it’s going to save the day.


  1. This sounds obvious but when the bride is in her dress always clean your hands before you put the veil on.


  1. When your bride is dressed and ready to put a ring on, take photos so you can double check what it looks like on camera. The lens often shows mistakes like gaps or frizz which are not always noticeable in real life.


Elizabeth’s Bridal Hair & Business 101 Masterclass is available is available to book via the Hairdotcom website


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