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Street Style Collection: Urban Ease

Indola is back with its latest Smart Street Style Collection for Autumn/Winter 2018. Complete with two looks inspired by the pavement catwalks of Europe’s leading cities, these collections offer the wearer contrasting styles always suited to the individual. Urban Ease packs a punch with its street couture, urban comfort and ‘I don’t care attitude’; while Royal Lux exudes winter warmth, opulence and sumptuous glamour.

Always playful, with an edge that keeps the wearer fresh, Indola’s Smart Street Style Collections offer inspiration and on-trend style advice for hairdressers across the globe.

Created with streetwear vibes and an urban edge, this look is about easy customization. Using the new #colorblaster* range of 8 pigmented conditioners, Urban Ease allows for quick colour changes for bold statements that rock. Pair with over-sized hoodies, head-to-toe logos, clothes borrowed from your boyfriend’s wardrobe and layered comfort. This look doesn’t just speak, it shouts. Think 1990s reinvented for the Instagram-era, this time with great hair!


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