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Deception is the debut collection by Mitchell Gough.

Focusing on masculinity and how modern ways of thinking affect it. In a world where we are bombarded with unrealistic perceptions of beauty, ideology and perfection, men are unfortunately plagued by this as much as their female counterparts.

This is where Deception comes in: every day, men hide certain parts of themselves just as much as women. Disguising the parts of themselves they hate, they fear, they loathe or maybe just the parts they feel they can’t share for fear of ostracisation.

Deception shows different sides to male beauty and explores how each look is far from the same. Creating different textures, movements and exploring techniques to create a different side to each look.

Modern barbering has evolved massively to suit the modern man. It’s ever-changing and growing just like today’s society, and there are no boundaries with gents grooming.

Deception is dark, emotive and strong.

Photographer – Wayne Lennon

Make up – Paula Racabarren

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