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Good Salon Guide releases mental health guidance

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An increased number of salon owners are seeking advice on dealing with mental health issues amongst staff, according to Good Salon Guide. 

The hair organisation has recently issued guidance to its members giving advice on how to detect signs of mental ill health as early as possible. The advice comes in the wake of business leaders calling for a change in the law to make mental health first aid mandatory in the workplace.

With over 2,000 member salons across the UK, Good Salon Guide has seen a sharp rise in the number of salons getting in touch for advice on supporting staff with mental health issues.

Gareth Penn, Managing Director and owner of Good Salon Guide, explained: “I think salon owners and managers are pretty confident in dealing with physical ill health, but may be less sure of how best to approach mental ill health.”

The fact sheet advises members how to spot general signs of mental ill health and urges bosses to try and resolve any concerns at an early stage.

“If a salon owner believes a team member may be experiencing mental health problems, then they should take the lead and arrange a meeting to talk to the team member in private,” said Gareth. “The conversation should be approached in a positive and supportive way.”

Gareth Penn

Should a team member need to take time out away from the salon, keeping in touch is critical to ensure that a return to the workplace can be successfully managed.

Gareth is in full support of the companies who have signed an open letter to Theresa May asking her to prioritise a manifesto pledging to update health and safety regulations in the workplace, in the wake of rising mental health concerns. He said: “Our industry, like so many others, can be stressful. Hairdressers are great listeners. As well as dealing with their own problems, they often hear those of clients which can cause additional stress.”

Good Salon Guide members can also find details of mental health support organisations via the members area of the website. Further information on the subject can also be downloaded from there.


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