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#editorfilter: Defy Damage in Berlin

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JOICO is a brand known for its innovative hair solutions. So when we were invited to spend an exciting weekend in Berlin for the launch of the new range, Defy Damage, our Assistant Editor Holly Carter couldn’t get there fast enough.  

Hair damage happens to all of us. Straight, curly, long, short; no matter your hair type, you’re probably subjecting it to damage of some kind.

Constant colour, repeated heat from hairdryers and straighteners, or just the nest of knots that seems to show up every time you wear a scarf, all of these things jeopardise the health of our hair. JOICO has come up with a solution that helps to Defy Damage, both in the salon and at home.

The launch weekend started with a welcome from JOICO’s Vice President, Eric Kater, at one of Berlin’s hottest restaurants. The next morning, the official launch took place at Max Höhn’s Berlin salon, a central hair spot for celebrities and influencers alike.

The day started with in introduction from Gabi Abel, JOICO’s Director of Marketing. She explained that 80% of human hair is formed of Keratin, which is why all JOICO products contain Keratin in different molecular weights and sizes, to provide the best products for all different types of clients.

Defy Damage does not stray from this tried and tested pattern, but adds some extra wow-factors that really make it stand out. This was revealed to us through an industry first – a VR presentation using hi-tech goggles!

joico defy damage
Assistant Editor Holly tries out the VR

Richard Mannah, JOICO’s International Guest Artistic Director, took us from his colleague Larissa Love’s LA salon, to the desolate landscape of unhealthy hair, to a lush green jungle, explaining the Defy Damage process as he went.

How it works

The range is made up of two simple salon stages and a range of home hair care.

In the first salon stage, stylists spray Pro series 1 directly onto the hair, providing protection on bonds from the word ‘Go’, before colour or heat even touches the hair.

Pro series 2 is a shampoo bar treatment, which will rejuvenate and strengthen bonds and maintain over 90% colour vibrancy.

joico defy damage
Richard Mannah chatting to Holly

Hair that is vibrant on the outside and healthy on the inside – what more could you want! The home care range consists of a shampoo, conditioner, masque and thermal shield to keep hair healthy between salon visits, which means less disastrous damage for stylists to fix.

The real effects of the treatment were demonstrated through two models – the ‘before’ photos of dull and dry hair creating a projected backdrop to the models in real life, their hair shining.

The shine and health is achieved by a completely new technology that JOICO calls ‘Smart Release’.

The key ingredients – Keratin, Arganine for amino acids and Rose Hip Oil to fight against free radicals – are held inside a liposome delivery system that releases more of the key ingredients as the hair is touched and styled, meaning hair stays looking fresh for days between washes.

We were then all treated to a luxurious wash, blow-dry and style so that we could really see the and feel the effects of Defy Damage.

My hair went from a head of curls to completely sleek and straight, without a bit of compromise to hair health.

joico defy damage
Here’s the After!

Contrary to the normal dullness that comes with heat treatments, my hair was shining, healthy and full of life.

As Richard Mannah explained, Defy Damage ‘protects and strengthens the bonds, 80% less breakage, makes the hair 5x stronger, that’s pretty cool, don’t you think?… See it. Feel it. Believe it.’

And we really do.

Defy Damage launches in the UK in March.

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