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2019 Trend Predictions

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It’s the final in our series of 2019 trend predictions. We caught up with a number of hairdressers and stylists up and down the country to get their views on what will be hot in 2019.

2019 trend predictionsKrysia Eddery, Owner of Perfectly Posh Hair Design

Soft face framing hues made up of golden flecks and caramel tones will remain popular for those with a brunette starting point. The use of warm tones to add a multi-dimensional appearance to the hair will remain on trend and this look is both low maintenance and very wearable. The idea is to enhance the colour you have already and draw out the beauty in your complexion whilst softening your hair and breaking up any one tone.

Baby lights will also be seen everywhere throughout 2019. Think bright blondes that are slightly softer than the classic platinum shade. The use of baby lights to trick the eye into seeing sunkissed, brightened blonde will be popular and leaves your hair glistening as unique pearls of blonde are unveiled.

2019 trend predictionsJay Birmingham, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Jay Birmingham Hair

Length is going to be on trend for 2019, unimaginably long hair that pushes boundaries is set to be at the forefront of hair. Extensions will be key this year for both length and also for adding plush thickness to hair to give that full, plump effect.

In terms of styling, I think the path of naturally textured hair will continue throughout 2019. We are moving away from super straight, ironed out hair and moving towards embracing your natural curls and kinks whilst still playing around with that cool girl, LA-inspired wave with crisp straight ends for a modern finish.

2019 trend predictionsRoss Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing

Men’s hair has undergone a bit of an evolution process during the latter end of 2018 and in 2019 we can expect to see styles that skim through the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s but with a modern-day edge. Hair will be stronger and mostly mid-length but working with lots of movement and strong shapes.

A return in longer length can definitely be expected and this, contrasted against the traditional fade, is a look that was touched upon during 2018, but 2019 will see this style in the spotlight.

Longer lengths with slightly disconnected pieces to encourage texture and movement are another look to take note of for 2019. The epitome of ’70s style, the shag is an iconic symbol of this decade that transfers well into 2019.

The laidback, deliberately messy vibe of this look really interests me and the use of layering and varied styling is a perfect pairing. For this style, the cut is key. Layers are required to frame the face and allow that ‘shaggy’ texture. As you are cutting the hair it is important to envisage the end result and imagine how you/the client will go on to style this as the distribution of balance is key. Low maintenance and effortlessly understated, this look is easy to keep up with and requires little maintenance.

Texture and that ‘undone’ look are also set to be popular during 2019. Add texture with products like sea salt and thermal styling for longer hair. For shorter lengths, use a clay wax to add a textured edge to your style. Clays and wax will help you get inside the hair and create innovative shapes with defined texture for an on-trend look. In summary, work with your hairs natural texture and pattern and enhance what you have.

Victoria Gifford, Creative Director at SESH Hairdressing2019 trend predictions

2019 will see more braiding as this look will remain very much on trend throughout the year, especially during the first half of 2019. We are seeing a shift in how experimental we are with our hair and braiding is no exception, we are moving away from the classic french plait and embracing new cool techniques.

In terms of colour, I think we can expect to see a very definite shift in the tones used across the board from blondes to brunettes. We are growing towards warmer tones like honey hues and caramel flecks as opposed to the once prevalent icy, ashy tones. Expensive looking hair that is well groomed and maintained in excellent condition will run as a theme throughout the year. Healthy, shiny hair is super on trend.

2019 trend predictionsPatrick Marrow, Crazy Color Brand Ambassador and Owner of HIVE MCR

Another year has gone, another year is upon us and one thing people on the front line of the salon industry know for sure is colour isn’t slowing down. We know it and you know it. I still think we will see people testing the water with great colours like pink, but also be more adventurous with deep, intense blues. I love mixing a dash of Crazy Color Sapphire and Capri Blue with conditioner to get a pop of colour that has less of that’blue commitment’ than applying one of the lighter blues directly.

Truth is (IMO); it’s difficult to define trends as clearly as we used to, with people having much more of a stronger sense of individual style and the likes of Kim K and the Jenner family showing that vivid colours on their hair is much more acceptable on anyone, not just alternative styles.

I think we are seeing a move away from gradient colour and people are opting for more of a block colour that is more striking and simple. My ultimate favourite colour is Semi-Frozen Yellow / Fluorescent yellow, a colour that hasn’t nearly had its day on catwalks. I create this by mixing equal parts of Crazy Color Caution UV and Toxic UV from their NEON range… Are you bold enough to try it?

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